10 Cue Remote Wireless Firing System


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  • Our FSF-10 has some great features that are usually found only in more expensive firing systems, such as sequential fire and “all” fire. In addition, the cues can be addressed one-by-one from 1-20 in step-fire mode. The remote has a range of over 500 Yards (line-of-sight) which allows for a comfortable distance between your live material and the shooter adding a layer of safety to your pyrotechnic displays! Now, you can join your audience and see exactly how your show looks from their perspective! Just sit back in your lawn chair and fire away!

    NOTE: Remote is capable of firing up to 99 cues by adding extra receivers.

    1.  Step Fire – In this mode the receivers will fire from #1 to #10 in stepping order each time the “fire” button is pressed.
    2. Sequential Fire – In this mode the receivers will automatically fire in sequential order with a preset time between cues from #1 to #10 after pressing the “fire” button once.
    3. All Fire – In this mode all of the receivers will fire simultaneously after pressing the “fire” button.


    • Receiver power requirements: 4x AAA Dry Cells Also a 9 volt that is used as a backup in case the batteries die.
    • Transmitter power requirements: 1x Standard 9v Dry Cell
    • Continuity testing current: <1mA
    • Maximum ignition current: 10A
    • Max. number of Talon® igniters/cue: 2-3 in Parallel Circuit


    One year warranty on parts and labor.  If any part fails within the first year it will be repaired or replaced.  Email or call for prompt service:


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10 Cue Remote Wireless Firing System

10 Cue Remote Wireless Firing System